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Union Bay Improvement District/TAG Political Party Meeting

Another interesting meeting July 18, 2012.  Since I'm no longer a landowner, the concern for money invested in property here no longer exists.   Now, I can sit and observe while documenting what is being said and done by those you folks elected to handle your investment in property in Union Bay.

When you all realize what has been done, there will be a record of exactly what transpired and who was responsible for those actions.  It will be too late then, but at least there will be a permanent record.

Anyone buying property in Union Bay is buying into a huge debt, never mind about the costs ahead with aging infrastructure and expecting landowners to foot the bill for a new fire department and probably another fire truck.

When did the landowners of Union Bay receive accurate information from their government explaining exactly what Union Bay was receiving from Kensington Island Properties?  Why not?

How things have changed in the last 5 months.  At the TAG meeting in Feb. 2012, TAG was pulling a George Bush with "Mission Accomplished"
puffing up their chests telling all how proud they were of what they had done for their community.  One compared the pride of what they have done for the community with the pride they have from raising wonderful children. 

Really, if you pat idiots on the head long enough and tell them how wonderful they are - they will believe it.

With the exception above, most of these people are intelligent, well educated people.  That is no guarantee they possess common sense.  We have all met highly intelligent people who are complete idiots when it comes to common sense.  Just because someone is intelligent and/or well educated does not mean they are more honest, fair, trustworthy, etc.   Chances are, those highly intelligent people know how to screw you without you knowing it.

The landowner (who apparently is worried about showing up on my blog) who chaired the TAG Political Party meeting in Feb. 2012, and asked me to leave because I questioned who controlled and owned TAG, stated the community must never let this corruption happen again.  They didn't state what the corruption was.  Pretty hard to prevent something if you don't have the courage to state what corruption they are referring to.

It's quite the mixture in what's left of the TAG steering committee.  Don't be fooled by the names and numbers published on the TAG website.  Phone some of those people - they upset the Oracle who demands absolute loyalty and must never be questioned.  If you can't be used/controlled - you are out of the loop.

The Chair has stepped down.  My opinion would be that the glory is starting to fade and it's time to let someone take the position so it appears all went to hell when the wonderful Chair stepped down and "whoever" takes the blame for the collapse.  Why did this Chair insist on continuing when their year was up in April 2012, and now can't complete their term?

When asked by a member of the public if the community can afford to pay $20,000.  more for an administrator - up to $75,000. a year, the Chair responded they were already paying $61,000. to the present Admin.  NO - the Admin corrected the Chair.  Admin receives $54,000.   Chair didn't know the salary, but somehow figured they'd pay more???????

Compare previous meetings.  The tone and body language has changed completely.  Challenging questions from former strong supporters causing 'the deer in the headlight' being captured.  Meetings are smooth because they are rehearsed at caucus meetings of TAG prior to monthly Board meetings.  Everything goes to hell when the script is not followed or someone defects and has an independent thought as displayed when the new policy of  'closed meetings' was up for discussion.

These actions, by individuals who think for themselves, change the course of  governments and protect those they serve - you.

If the lone Trustee had not brought up this policy change at the June 2012 Board meeting, no one would have even been aware of this clause.  When the Chair read out the changes - the objectionable clause was not made public until the lone Trustee questioned it. This policy which gave this and any future Board the loophole for corruption - would have passed by a majority.  Out of five TAG members, only one wanted you to know. 

Ron Wheatley saved this community at least 2 Million dollars.  He went door to door getting signatures which prevented the government of Union Bay from borrowing 2 Million dollars to build a Fire Hall to invest in a property that can't be sold because of the bungled purchase of the school property.  2 Million on top of the $700,000. for a property that is nothing more than an endless moneypit.

A Political Party running your government discourages independent thought.  Questions are interpreted as being disloyal.  

 Union Bay Improvement/TAG Political Party Meeting July 18, 2012

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