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Special Privileges Bestowed on Relatives And TAG Supporters

Do you remember Gerry Sando asking questions at the April AGM and how he was treated by TAG/UBID controlled Board?

Regular, or insignificant individuals are kept strictly to the rules regarding question period at the end of the monthly meetings.  You will utter few words before you are cut off by the Chair and challenged as to what your question is.

These rules are non existent when it comes to individuals favored by the TAG/UBID Chair, and the individuals are allowed to offer their experience and suggestions to the Board when the mood strikes them.  There is never one word uttered to them demanding them to state what their question is!

The arrogance displayed by these supporters as they sit comfortably knowing they will have the floor unconditionally to put forth their agenda as though they speak for all, is disgusting.  When they speak, they are not rushed, have all the time they need.

The belief that as long as they are informed, all is well.  After all, it has been insinuated previously, the community wouldn't understand the very complicated issues regarding the water filtration, water transfer, etc.  Therefore, there would be no need to attempt to inform the idiots (electorate).

I made the mistake of speaking to one of the chosen ones Wed. night about a discussion from the June meeting regarding people being confused with the subject of water and sewer.  Silly me, I thought he might like the article from the newspaper where the subject was clearly mentioned.

I was quickly informed "that was last month and it has been cleared up".   I hadn't realized you are not allowed to respond to a chosen one.  I will not describe in a manner all would clearly understand,  the arrogance of this individual who has such a high inflated sense of self importance.

I will set you straight right now.  You were out of line and I will not tolerate you or anyone else thinking you can pull that crap on me.  You acted like a hormonal teenage girl having a hissy fit unable to stand and speak civilly.  Your entire neck and head as red as a beet and returning to advise me:  "Look lady, if you can't add 2 plus 2..."  and then off again looking like your head was going to explode.  It should explode - you are a too full of yourself.

You hold yourself up as a professional and want people to respect you.  You accused me of making statements.  I asked you to show me where did I make those statements.  You said "right here" and pointed to a paper in your hand, but then you ran off.

Add this one to the list of those only brave when they are with others or anonymous.  Who raised you people?

You better choose your words very carefully when you speak of me.  I am not about to have anyone accuse me of something and walk away - so be forewarned.  I have no fear of launching a lawsuit (I have learned that is how things are handled in Union Bay) and have the lawyer on retainer who is well aware of the history of this community.  You made an accusation against me - now prove it - show it.  I am not afraid of challenging you.  Do not confuse me with those you have dismissed andor insulted so easily in your life.  I do not turn the other cheek.

All I can gather is that this 'hormonal form' is a loyal TAG supporter and upset with me for criticizing TAG.  So now TAG supporters can bring their issues to the Board meetings, but no answers will be provided at these meetings about anything to do with TAG.  As the Leader of TAG stated to me previously, I would have to speak to someone outside in the community, not at UBID.  How fucking convenient is that?  Talk about creating a monster.

Watch the videos - see for yourself - you don't have to believe me.  http://www.youtube.com/user/UnionBayMatters/videos

Wanted to add something I have found to be quite the satisfying little habit.  Attending meetings and listening to what is being stated, I like to fantasize how enjoyable it would be watching my fine fellow Union Bay residents answering questions posed by "My Choice".   Like a surgeon.  Any takers?

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