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Taxpayers for Accountable Governance

This is not who TAG is.  Might have been at one time, but no more.

This is a political party - not an informal group of taxpayers.  A political party controlled by 2 people - in my humble OPINION.

By the way, did I give TAG (the political party) written permission to use my photographs on the TAG  political party website controlled by a relative of the 2 people controlling the political party?  I would never allow a political party to use my images.  

If you are unable to provide written proof - please remove my images from your political party website. 

 Power corrupts.

Union Bay residents start new 'watchdog' organization

Comox Valley Echo

Friday, December 11, 2009

At a recent meeting of Union Bay citizens, there was agreement to move into a longer term and action oriented process to hold Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) accountable for transparency in its decision making.

The Taxpayers for Accountable Governance (TAG) will give voice to concerns of Union Bay landowners and residents - they want to be heard.

"We were encouraged by the number of people that came out to the meeting and gave a resounding "yes" to moving forward", said spokesperson Joe Lidster. "Union Bay is facing major decisions over the next few years as it addresses infrastructure needs and incorporates new developments. The community must have an active role in addressing those issues."

Participants agreed that Union Bay needs an open Improvement District that can be held accountable by the taxpayers.

"So far we've focused on giving the community a voice", said Lidster. "Now we need to put that voice to work and get some results".

TAG will be an informal network of Union Bay taxpayers with the purpose of ensuring openness and accountability from its elected officials. TAG wants effective control exercised over taxes and costs - an effective and efficient management of the UBID.

TAG will be attending UBID meetings, asking questions of our elected officials, seeking detailed information about the costs of water, fire protection and street lighting. TAG will continue to hold our elected officials accountable for their governance practices and we look forward to the April Annual General Meeting.

For community members, who wish to know more or to join TAG, call any one of the following:

Anne Alcock 250-335-3340

Cleve Goldswain 250-335-0972

Joe Lidster 250-335-2391

Bruce Livesey 250-335-1876

Dave Molstad 250-335-1733

Gerry Sando 250-335-2586

Bunny Shannon 250-335-2003

John Sorrenson 250-335-2998

Ron Wheatley 250-335-2717
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