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Union Bay Fire Department Complaint - Not Gossip

A formal written complaint has been filed against a member of the Union Bay Fire Department.  This complaint is not going to be so easy to ignore.  No, it was not filed by me.

Has the individual been going around speaking about these matters which took place on a call out? Would that be considered a breach of their position?  Do the firemen/women and/or first responders freely chat about what they are involved in when they are responding to a call out?  Is this part of the local talk or are these matters considered confidential?

This is a volunteer Fire Department.  Over the years it has become a being with an appetite that cannot be satisfied.   The powers controlling the department decided they needed uniforms, which resulted (in my opinion) in those wearing them, believing they were professional firefighters.  

Suddenly, we have every fireman expecting to be treated as though they were present at 9/11, with the utmost respect because they have a fireman's uniform on.  Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

The fire department is a money pit the Board doesn't have a clue what to do with.  If this fire department members expect to be treated like professionals - then perform like professionals and get into shape and get rid of those of questionable proportions (or pregnant), too old, too stupid and too busy playing ball.  No names mentioned.  General observation.

A uniform does not mean squat.  These firemen/women are not professionals, don't act like professionals, and don't deserve to be treated like professionals.

The fire department appears to be the baby of the Administrator.  Over the years the fire department has taken on more responsibility costing the landowners of Union Bay a pretty penny.  The Administrator pushing for more power, spending over a hundred thousand on a first responder truck, wanting to increase the area of response, always looking to acquire more responsibility. This was nothing more than power building by an Administrator spending your money.

Are you going to be continually sucked in by the Union Bay Board claiming they are being open, honest, etc. and a hodge podge of locals in uniforms demanding more money, equipment because they claim they are professionals?

Just like Union Bay, it looks very pretty, but underneath................ohhhhhh

ps.  I know people are thinking "why is she saying that, they might not show up if she needs help".   Putting it in writing will make no difference - I know how these people feel about me and I know how unprofessional some of them are.  I am not relying on this fire department coming to my assistance if they know it is me.  And by the way, I am not the only one who believes this.  There are others who feel if it is their address - there will not be a prompt response.

See.... that's the difference between yokels and professionals.

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