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TAG Policy Loop Hole Attempt Thwarted By Independent Thinker

The following video contains an excerpt from June and July Union Bay Improvement District monthly meetings dealing with closed meeting policy.  After discussion, a vote was taken.

When was the last time this board had any type of discussion in public?  Everything is rehearsed.

It is shocking this Board needs a 'just in case' clause.  Their limits are clearly defined - work within those limits.

This is the same group who complained about all the in camera meetings, secrecy, spending, etc. by the previous Board.  Why is Deep Bay a dirty word?  What is the difference from previous Boards?  Oh right - there is one (person) who isn't a clone.

TAG leaders have not delivered on their promises of openness and accountability.  The hunger/need for more authority.  Listen to the reasons, they don't think they have enough authority!!  

TAG switched Chairs because they know word is spreading faster and they are coming under scrutiny unable to hide behind the "Mission Accomplished" bravado that has worked up until this point.  You have told us.  Now show us.  What exactly have these TAG 'high road' folks being doing behind closed doors?

Why did Union Bay go to hell?
The opinion I have is something went very, very wrong when the employee who for years, was part time, without the technology of today, ran the district efficiently, resigned.  I have never met the individual, but have certainly heard her praises sung.  Every single person who has mentioned her name makes a point of stating what a good job she did, and comments how puzzling it is, the improvement district was unable to find an applicant with her qualifications and efficiency to fill the position.    and..........then, the predator,

Union Bay has not been asleep - it's been in a coma.  

An Elected Official Standing His Ground

because he takes the position seriously and has a strong sense of fairness.

Are the others asleep? 

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