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TAG Sheeple. Do You Believe This?

 Okay Sheeple.  This is a test.  Let's see if you can get a few wheels churning and actually think.

And, a big thanks to Phil Round for covering Union Bay matters and doing a good job of getting the facts straight.  Phil could give the reporters at the Record a few tips on fair coverage.

The article by Phil Round in the Echo today is a wonderful example of manipulation. 
New improved, refresh the team, new chair, blah blah
I love this:

Molstad, who will remain a member of the five-person board, told the Echo it was a reorganization to refresh the team and would only add: "We needed a new chair."

Let's get this straight right off the top. 

This is a Political Party that doesn't tell anyone, including their members, what they are doing. 

  • Who calls the shots in a political party - could it be the leader?

  • Is the new Chair the New Leader of the TAG Political Party?

  • Who is the leader of the Political Party TAG?  The Political Party TAG runs the Union Bay Improvement District.  

  • Who is really the Chair of the Union Bay Improvement District?  Is it the named person or is it the Leader of the TAG Political Party?

  • Will the Leader of the TAG Political Party sit as an underling at Union Bay Improvement District Board Meetings?

The Leader of the Political Party TAG needed a new face as chair.  There has been no change other than the Administrator is leaving.  Everything is the way it has been since at least 2006 when I first started noticing 'odd' statements made by self proclaimed community spokespeople.  This one is smarter than the others - only difference.

'Fool the eye'.   Appearances, impressions, practice, control, total control.  Create an image.  Offer hope. Divert attention.  Control.  Eliminate information to doubters.  Control.  Diagnose/label detractors. Control.  Determine source of income of detractors.  Insatiable appetite for control.   

TAG is run exactly like the fake Union Bay Residents' Association, a private club.  TAG was smarter (hard not to be) as they didn't register as a Society so they can run their little group however they wish I guess.  

Just like the fake UBRA, the leader of TAG uses the same tactics.  Different class/income, that's all.

 Entire article here:   http://www2.canada.com/comoxvalleyecho/news/story.html?id=9381c4f9-9630-4f34-a5d9-47018ac8fa3b

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