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Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Coal Hills

Add cleaning up the coal hills by Kensington Island Properties to the list of 'benefits' offered by KIP.  Promises, promises.

Click this link KIP 1 year anniversary Water Filtration Ready to Go..kinda, maybe, we're looking\

Note:  No mention of developer delaying installation of filtration system until sewage in place.  Why did KIP fail to advise Union Bay.  How many times has KIP stated they were ready to go, just waiting for .............something.  Where the hell is this rep?  Why doesn't KIP ever face the community.  Is KIP afraid of answering questions? 

Letter from well informed individual.

Will taxpayers foot bill for coal hills cleanup in Union Bay?
By Comox Valley Record
Published: July 12, 2012 05:00 PM
Updated: July 12, 2012 05:315 PM

Dear editor,

With little fanfare or media coverage,  the BC Ministry of Environment recently released the Remedial Options Feasibility Report for the Union Bay Waste Coal Pile Site in Union Bay.

This “cleanup plan,” years in the making, has the desired outcome of “improvement over time” of the conditions at the Waste Coal Pile Site.
The Waste Coal Pile Site is the result of coal processing/shipping along the shores of Union Bay from 1888 to 1960, and covers an area of approximately 13 hectares and contains around one million cubic metres of material.

Residents of the Comox Valley might find it surprising that the Waste Coal Pile Site in Union Bay,  is also listed as one of the top 13 priority contaminated sites on Crown Land in British Columbia.

While the report discusses various remediation alternatives, the selected remedy appears to be a “cover-only” approach using a bituminous geomembrane (BGM) and vegetative cover. The price tag for this remedy is an estimated $17 million.

This Union Bay Waste Coal Pile cleanup saga should serve as a cautionary tale for those concerned about the proposed Raven Coal Mine near Fanny Bay.
The estimated reject rock pile at the Raven Mine would be over 10 times larger than the Union Bay site, and the potential costs of cleaning up the Raven Mine site would be staggering.

While it’s still not clear who will pick up the tab for the $17-million cleanup bill at Union Bay, the lessons learned from the Mount Washington mine cleanup would indicate the taxpayers of British Columbia might be on the hook once again.

John Snyder,
Fanny Bay

Another letter today directed at Kensington Island Properties.
 Are the Sheeple getting restless?

 Kensington should clean up after itself
By Comox Valley Record
Published: July 12, 2012 05:00 PM
Updated: July 12, 2012 05:205 PM

Dear editor,

As a Union Bay resident, I am supportive of KIP's long-range development plans for the community (homes, golf course, marina, etc.). if their plan ever materializes is, perhaps, something else.

However, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with KIP's incomplete clearing of a section of their property along our scenic coastal highway.

For whatever reason, KIP elected to cut down a large number of beautiful trees and then leave large piles of unsightly brush, etc. on the property.

It would be a positive step forward if they would complete the clearing of this property, regardless of the progress, or lack thereof, on the rest of their project.

Heather Mueller,
Union Bay

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