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General Questions Regarding Union Bay

  • When the Firemen/first responders are called, do the ones who are smoking dope show up?  Who decides who is straight enough to respond?
  • Any drugs more powerful than weed being used?  
  • Anyone ever ask the above questions before? 
  • Why do elected officials believe if they vote on "X" everything is fine and their asses are covered even when they know they are doing wrong?   Why is this still happening?  No better way to run up a huge legal expense.  Does voting indemnify a particular section of the Criminal Code of Canada?
  • What type of documents do volunteer firemen sign when they join the department?  Have they ever refused someone or do they take anyone?
  •  A small boy told me last year at the Community Hall when the fire siren was heard, his dad wouldn't have to go because he was playing baseball.  How come he had one of the firetrucks with him if he wasn't going to respond?
  • Glad I use the instant teller to count my money.  Not sure if the employee only smokes at the park and/or outside work hours.
  • Is it a dirty little secret no one wants to talk about the firemen not being happy with the Chief?  Everyone has known for over a year now.
  • Do the firemen know how afraid the Board is of them?  They are a bigger problem than I ever was.  Someone thought they were going in and would 'clean things up'.  Well now there are more Board members involved - seems it wasn't as easy as first thought. Trying to manipulate the outcome and beef up their position by 'going to the community'.  
  • Exactly what training do the first responders have?  Do they just barge in without asking if assistance is required?  Who exactly is in charge?  Having witnessed  the UB responders and then the ambulance attendants - I'll pass on what is dispatched under the guise of medical assistance and wait for the ambulance.   Do you want the local ghoul showing up in a hazmat suit when you're near death?

  • Why are relatives still being hired without anyone else having the opportunity to apply?  Jamie Barkley was reading the water meters with his  employee relative.  
  • How is it that employees, firemen, etc., have vehicles to drive pretty well anywhere and no one cares?  I can't help but notice when a trustee with a business and company trucks, showed no concern for the cost to taxpayers or asked for log books, etc.  That company truck is never on the road unless it is specifically for that business.  Why the discrepancy  - didn't anyone care?  Does anyone care now?
  • TAG promised to run UBID as carefully as they would their own households, operating within a budget and cutting down costs.  Costs which TAG highlighted as a reason to vote them in comparing Deep Bay and Union Bay.  How close is UBID to meeting those promises?  The only difference from previous years is this Board managed to present proper Board meetings.  That is no longer the case with preferential treatment and rules applied based on supporter/nonsupporter status.  The video of the June 2012 is a perfect example.
Hey, don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with smoking.  Just curious how this is being managed by UBID, local businesses and wonder what the liability is.

After all, these are the people who are holding themselves up as an example to the rest of the community......right?  Every one of them as pure as the driven snow, always honest, truthful................just ask them, nothing they love more than telling you how wonderful they are.

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