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How About a Gift of Honesty

"Honesty is a gift we can give to others. It is also a source of power and an engine of simplicity. Knowing that we will attempt to tell the truth, whatever the circumstances, leaves us with little to prepare for. We can simply be ourselves."
Sam Harris, Neuroscientist, Author.

We are creating a population of liars, unable to be themselves.  We are dooming future generations.  From the day you brought your little darling home, you have displayed your values, how you lie to people and discuss them in your home comfortably talking about what you really think of people.  Show them it is perfectly fine to lie.  They know you will lie for them to prevent facing consequences. 

Since moving to the Comox Valley in 1994, I've crossed paths with quite the variety of liars.  A different breed than I had been accustomed to.  

In the 80's I worked for Legal Aid, the interviewers took 6 month rotations of the different facilities taking applications from those wishing to apply for Legal Aid.  We were all advised of the rules within the facilities.  Never, ever get talked into doing a favor for an inmate.  Doesn't matter how harmless it appears.  No notes, messages passed along, nothing brought in or given to an inmate.  Seems like an easy rule to follow.  You would be surprised how many people lose their jobs (with good reason) for violating this rule.  They're not bad people - they get sucked in by inmates who would do anything to get what they want.  That one little favor - you are done - they have you.  How do you stop?  What if the inmate tells?

Then right here in Union Bay, I've witnessed this technique being used successfully.  I'll describe them as 'B' for bad and 'G' for good.

B & G are good friends.  B wants information that G has, even though B has no right to the information as it is confidential, and B is basically just another person with no special standing.  B works at breaking G down, somehow convincing G to provide the information.  

It is discovered the information has been viewed, and saved by B on B's computer.  Questions and accusations remain unanswered despite stories in the local papers.  B & G don't want this matter to resurface, probably hard to talk your way out of that one.  That would be fine except this involves the financial situation in Union Bay.  I've got more to say on this one.

Why - why was it so important that B view the information?  What possible reason could B give G for wanting to view it?  What is so special about B that puts them above everyone else?  What was the need for B to have the information and for what purpose?  Did B do anything with the information?


Maybe B tested G to assess the amount of control B has over G.  Now G is someone's 'bitch'.

To G:
You have been sucked into a situation that is a black hole.  Step back and reassess whether friendship, honesty and truth exists with those who want you to stick your neck out.  B certainly has it down to a fine art - until B is challenged - then B brings back memories of those inmates scurrying away looking for another sucker.

There is no way to cover up what took place.  Does B have you in a situation now you can't get out of without taking some heat?  It's only going to get worse as one thing is piled on the other trying to conceal/hide the truth.

It's too bad people are afraid to ask questions in Union Bay.  Honesty is not what this little place will be known for - it's going to be all the fuck ups by those who think believe they know best and to hell with everyone else.

Tis the Season

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