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Union Bay Improvement District Board Of Trustees Meeting

Another interesting meeting.

The new camcorder works great allowing me to really watch these people perform their act.  Video is truly wonderful for meetings.  We can all see what happened over and over.  No rumor/gossip - right there for you to see if you're getting what was promised by those who campaigned, came to your door, welcomed questions, welcomed the public.  Those good people asking you for support by electing them so they can volunteer their time to do what is best for your community.  As proud of their accomplishments as Trustee as they are of raising wonderful children.  Hmm.

Knowing everything has been rehearsed ahead of time, it's comical when the Chair asks "any discussion?" and one of them then gives a little speech about why they're in favor of something.  Everything is prepared.  We don't see any discussion about subjects because it's already been decided at the TAG caucus/dress rehearsal.  Manipulation out of sight - secret.  The very things these folks campaigned against.

Look at the body language.  No more "Mission Accomplished".  I requested the Trustees sit closer so I can fit them into the camera frame.  No.  They need room for their papers.  Ya, you can see from the video they all required a lot of space. You know, this isn't Vancouver City Council.  Stop playing the part and do the work.

No more supporters at the meetings just rows of empty chairs, spouse of one Trustee, 3 other landowners and little old me.  Trustees avoiding eye contact with those who see through them.  Just like the others.  Fucking with our democracy, bending/ignoring personalizing policies/rules. 
Another lane will have to be added to the Union Bay Walk of Shame.
No one knows if TAG still exists.  Two TAG members were talking one asking what happened to the TAG website.  Seems no TAG members have been advised what is going on.  Well really we all know don't we, there really isn't a TAG, it's just 2 people?  Just my opinion based on the information I have at this time and from past correspondence.  2 people who refused to give up control.  They would rather kill TAG.

Doesn't seem to matter as these folks get together in secret and decide what will happen at the Board Meeting.  No minutes, no accountability, no openness. 

More info on his Holiness who will appear at the October UBID meeting.  I was thinking about releasing some doves as He enters the building.  Too much?

Question period at the end is very interesting.  

Confirmed we were suckers.

Here's the video.  http://youtu.be/dGMKCLHGreM

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