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Political Party TAG - What About You Members?

----- Original Message -----
From  CD Molstad
Date  Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:22:26 -0800
To  Mary Reynolds
Subject  Re: My Christmas Message To TAG Members

Hi Mary:
Thanks for your message.  We believe that it’s in our best interest to keep TAG separate from current Board issues (aka Bruce and Cleve) so we will not be distributing your message through our TAG email system.  While we understand your interest in rallying support for Bruce and Cleve, both are being supported and offered whatever assistance they need by a number of TAG members.  Two parallel issues are at play, one is for TAG to get two people elected; the other is for Bruce and Cleve is to resolve issues with the Board.  Both are important.  However, we can’t jeopardize TAGs goal for short term gain.  Nothing will  change until we are successful at the polls.   Feel assured that, Cleve and Bruce will have some decisions to make in the near future regarding options and/or actions in response to xxxxxxxxxx.  In the meantime we need to hunker down and let  things play out.  Things are in play.
We hope that you can take a break for a few days, enjoy Christmas No doubt, the new year will bring a new round of challenges and potential landmines.  Remember “anger is best served cold”.

 "We believe that it's in our best interest......"

  • Who is the "we"? 
  • What about the best interest of the community?  
  • Was it a group decision or made by one or two people?  
  • Did the steering committee meet and decide to keep TAG separate from current Board issues?
  • Wasn't TAG formed because of Board issues? 
  • Decisions were made based on an election.  Forcing Union Bay electorate to suffer with a dysfunctional government leaving 2 TAG Trustees standing on their own under attack because of an election. 
  • The author willing to subject others but not a chance in hell they would ever put themselves in such an isolated position. 
  • The 2 Trustees wanted support.  They (and their spouses) went through hell during that time while everyone sat on their asses.
  • Would TAG have remained silent if the election had been 10 or 11 months away?
  • Decisions and actions should be based on what is best for the community - NOT - on a political party leader's ego, timetable, or manipulating for personal preferences and grandstanding. 
  • Note the date:  Dec. 23, 2010.  Jan. 2011 the UBID illegally closed the public meetings to the public.  Mar. 2011 the 2 Trustees are made aware of an agreement negotiated without their knowledge.  The dysfunctional government was allowed to continue unchallenged by the so called watch dog group TAG.  Look at the amount of damage Union Bay suffered during the months of Dec. 2010 through April 2011.  TAG had encouraged members show support for the 2 TAG Trustees by attending meetings, asking questions. 
  • Dec. 2010 something happened and TAG completely withdrew any public support of their 2 Trustees.  That 4 page supplemental composed and ready to go, rallying support for the 2 TAG Trustees.  Detailing the situation and suggesting ways for members to take action by writing letters and even suggesting people phone the then Chair.  It was a good one.  Within days it was pulled and so was any public support for the 2 Trustees until the next election.   Something happened.
  • January 2011 a handful of supporters showed up for the UBID meeting but were not allowed in.  TAG refused to offer public support.  The 2 Trustees thanked us for showing up to support them when they entered the building.
  • TAG would not step in for a "short term gain because of an election "until we are successful at the polls".  They refused to do the right thing because of their 'visions' of the future of Union Bay.  Arrogance.
  • "Revenge is a dish best served cold".   Butchered the saying oh wise one.
Any TAG Members out there?  Do you know the TAG website has disappeared?  There hasn't been any public announcement and the members I've spoken to haven't heard a word.

What kind of Political Party is TAG?

Did members actually join the Political Party TAG?

The owners/leaders of TAG have basically operated a private club securing support in order to control the Union Bay Improvement District.  In the last year, supporters have witnessed the same actions as previous boards. 

Why did the leader of TAG decide not to distribute the Dec. 2010 TAG Rag draft advising TAG members of the actions being taken against 2 elected TAG Trustees? 

My criticism is not that the leaders sat back and did nothing to help those they had encouraged the community to support by showing up at meetings, etc.

My criticism is that the leader of TAG composed the TAG Rag for December 2010, which consists of  4 full pages outlining the problems, suggests questions, encourages phoning the then Chair, etc.  Of 4 pages, over 2 pages give details of what was happening and suggestions.

A reminder to CD Molstad (only identifiable name in charge of TAG).  I deleted the document in Dec. 2010 from my computer as you requested at the time.  However, I did print out a hard copy.  The TAG Rag - December 2010 - Supplemental.

Why don't you explain why you decided not to distribute the information?  Why did you intentionally let 2 individuals hang out to dry without support?  Composed and ready to go - what happened?  Why the change of heart?  Why put the community through all that crap from Dec. 2010 through April 2011?

The voice of the community would have been heard if the information was provided openly, honestly, etc., by those claiming to possess those qualities.  Holding themselves up as an example, all the while keeping any information to themselves for their own purposes - not in the best interest of the community.

talk's cheap - it takes money to buy whiskey. 

The High Road - You should choke on those words.

This is what was sent out instead in Dec. 2010

Never give up.

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