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Update on the de Jersey Fiction

WARNING: I don't exist to meet your expectations.

If you have been following the comedy of Alan de Jersey being caught fabricating an incident on the Cumberlander,
I have a few remarks from his final post.  Particularly the highlighted area.
Also see:   http://www.thecumberlander.ca/show2020a45s/Embarrassed_Union_Bay_Landowner
By Alan deJersey
24th May 2012 · No Mary I am not stupid or an idiot and you certainly are not as intelligent as you think you are. As much as I enjoy our exchange of pleasantries and irritating you, what would be stupid is to continue this back and forth commentary that like the movie will never end.

As usual you just resort to personal attacks and innuendo and as in the past your comments continue to be unsubtantiated, vindictive and misguided. That is why you hide behind your blog so anybody who disagrees with your ramblings and one sided views can not comment.

It will be interesting to see where you direct your animosity now that you have lost your battle with KIP. Will you be a hypocrite and drink the treated tap water that the rest of the residents of Union Bay so deserve and you fought so hard to prevent.

The nice thing is that I no longer have to listen to or respond to the moronic accusations and comments from imbeciles like yourself.

Goodbye Mary!
Since Mr. de Jersey has chosen words that a reasonable person might view as slanderous, his only defense is the truth.  Mr. de Jersey must be able to prove what he states about me is in fact, the truth.  

UPDATE:  June 3, 2012
Mr. de Jersey has removed his slanderous post of May 24, 2012 from The Cumberlander website.

UPDATE AGAIN: June 3, 2012
Mr. de Jersey's slanderous post reappeared.

EDIT:  June 5, 2012 
Mr. de Jersey, you know this comment is false:  That is why you hide behind your blog so anybody who disagrees with your ramblings and one sided views can not comment. 
You have visited my blog numerous times and have clicked on the comment section but did not leave a comment.  The last time was May 29, 2012.  I would like to remind you of your own words:   "Cowardice is also allowing false information to continue when you know it isn't true."


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