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Good Letter From Fellow Resident

Always glad to see letters from Eugene.  His letters are always worth reading. 

I agree Alan Webb is a very smart man.  Alan is very aware of what is going on in Union Bay.  I would vote for Alan Webb if he wasn't a devoted, committed, political party candidate, loyalty first to the welfare of a political Party and the Party Leader.

"People, like Mary, who are good at naming wrongs, should attempt to offer solutions."
My solutions were simple - I identified wrongs - Rules, Regulations, Policies were ignored for years.  My government chose to operate outside the rules and I fought to have those elected officials answer for their actions.  Those rules are in place for a reason.  They must be enforced.

"he isn't mired in negative history. He has no axes to grind."
Insisting on Democracy is not negative.   Democracy and equality?

"refight the Kensington Project"
No one is talking 'refight'.  Represent the Community insisting on fair treatment and proper negotiations.  Stand up for us.  Does Alan Webb honestly believe the Water Infrastructure Agreement is a win win?

"This man knows the questions to ask"
Only questions approved by the leader of the political party will be submitted. 

"Alan wants to insure that Union Bay with its failing septic systems, gets water treatment."                              
Sorry Eugene, I have to call you on this one.  This statement makes me think someone else contributed to your letter.  Failing septic systems have nothing to do with the water treatment - why are you linking the two?

Just last week we spoke about septic systems.  Eugene was under the impression sewage is just around the corner.  I stopped dead in my tracks and asked him what he was talking about - Union Bay is not getting sewer.

Eugene thought Kensington Island Properties was providing existing Union Bay with sewer.  Who else believes this? 

Union Bay is not getting sewer!!!

The sewer grant was turned down again this year for those who didn't read it in the paper.  Kensington Island Properties will build a sewage treatment plant for the development.  The treatment plant will be expanded by adding modules which we will pay for, to accommodate existing Union Bay and we will have to pay to put in all the infrastructure to get our waste to the treatment plant.

The last time (2010) figures were thrown around the savings to hook up to KIP would be 17%, compared to paying for an entire system for the community.  No doubt the costs have increased significantly. 

The following is an excerpt from Regional District Sept. 2010 Union Bay/Royston Sewerage Services
FILE: 5340-30/Royston and Union Bay 
Financial factors
When the proposed Union Bay/Royston sewer project went to referendum in February 2006 homeowners could expect to pay just over $700 per year per property to finance the debt charges for installing the system and about $300 annually for operating costs. The debt charges were based on receiving the two-thirds grant funding. Recent technical studies indicate the costs have increased and with the knowledge that the CVRD will not likely receive the two-thirds funding for the entire project, the approach to providing sanitary sewers must be revisited.
The only option that ensures that the project can move forward is option 2 which involves residents paying 100 percent of project costs. This has not been extensively explored at this point as there has not been much interest, to date, in pursuing sewer servicing that is not partially grant-funded.  
The provision of a wastewater treatment plant by KIP could reduce the total project costs by approximately 17 percent, or $5,780,000. Cost sharing arrangements with other developers and/or the Village of Cumberland could further reduce project costs for the Union Bay/Royston sewer service area.  

The development will have sewer.  Existing Union Bay will remain on septic tanks.  It's a fact of life.  We have no choice. 

So in the spirit of community and caring for the health of our neighbors, those of you holding off replacing your failing septic - it's time to bite the bullet and put out the bucks for new septic systems.  If you want to live in Union Bay, you will have a septic system.

So those of you who 'invented' a disposal system without a field - maybe return that new vehicle and clean up your poop. :)

Strange bedfellows
Bay. Eugene And Deb Hrushowy
Comox Valley Echo

Just when we thought that we could fall asleep politically in our little village south of Courtenay, we have another electoral race in Union Bay. (David), Taxpayers for Accountable Governance, convincingly slew (Goliath), Union Bay Residence Association, just last October, with the election by acclamation of Alan Webb to the Board of Trustees of the Union Bay Water Improvement District (UBID).
I personally applaud Mary Reynolds decision to run for a spot on the Board of UBID. People, like Mary, who are good at naming wrongs, should attempt to offer solutions. Her candidacy will focus the debate as the community of Union Bay begins its first faltering steps back to health.
However, I support Alan Webb, the incumbent on the Board. If you haven't met him, let me tell you that he is a level headed, thoughtful individual. His detractors might say he doesn't know the issues, because he is new to Union Bay. To me, this means he isn't mired in negative history. He has no axes to grind. He simply wants to make a positive difference in all our lives as it relates to water, lighting and fire protection.
Being a current board member, Alan knows the central issues, which due to timing, are necessarily only being discussed incamera. These central issues are related to the water license and to water treatment. Water treatment directly involves the Kensington Development (KIP).
Alan comes from years of industry experience in the manufacturing sector. In a word, he understands business. But most importantly, the manufacturing projects he's been with, involve the use of vast quantities of water, especially its treatment. This man knows the questions to ask and the best answers for our collective future in Union Bay.
In addition, Alan does not want to refight the Kensington Project (KIP). TAG doesn't want to refight it either. Alan wants to insure that Union Bay with its failing septic systems, gets water treatment.
Given the Provincial and Federal Governments unwillingness to enter into any funding support with UBID for water treatment, Kensington is the only game in town to move ahead.
The surprising development in all of this, the silver lining, is that the community of Union Bay will continue to find its way back to health, as a result of this critically defining election. What is in the balance, on the one hand, is the divisive infighting over KIP and on the other hand, getting on with clean water and healthy team building at UBID.
Moving ahead might just mean TAG supporters and Union Bay Residence Association supporters, voting together for Alan Webb. Strange bedfellows! Only in Union Bay.
Eugene and Deb Hrushowy Homeowners
Union Bay

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